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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Railway Simulator Ultimate (2012) PC Game Download

28-04-2012 | English | XP/ViSTA/7 | Company: Auran/Focus
Genre: Simulator | 1.16 GB

The most immersive train driving experience ever!
Take on the challenges of a real train engineer. Control multiple locomotives, co-ordinate activities, switch junctions and ensure each train arrives safely at its destination.
Choose from over 130 locomotives and rolling stock from railways around the world
Dynamically assemble your trains and choose from a variety of routes
Full 3D cab, multiple interior viewpoints and pannable cameras
Utilise turntables and crossings, couple and decouple stock, control the weather and timescale
Control the train from inside the cabin using the throttle and the brakes, or use the top down view to control multiple trains

Edit existing routes or create your own
Sculpt your own terrain or instantly import greyscale images
Texture your 3D world and choose from over 1,000 different scenery and trackside objects
Lay tracks, junctions, cameras, signals, build roads with traffic and place industries

A wide variety of real-world work orders to complete as best you can
Script your own scenarios using TrainzScript
Create and remove trains, control signals and junctions and add cinematographic touches

Paint Shed:
Design and create a whole new collection of trains within your 3D World with the help of Paint Shed. Includes over 50 locomotives and wagons to repaint

New Scenarios and Trainz Content Manager
Multiple cab views and dual cab controls
Additional content available for download

Bonus Content:
New locomotives including the GG1 and TGV
New scenery, trackside objects and more

Disclaimer: Train displayed on the front of the packaging is a photographic image only and may not appear within the destination. 



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