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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yu-Gi-Oh! Kaiba Corp Ultimate Masters MOD PC Game Download (2012)

English | Platform: PC| Release: March 25, 2012 | Publisher: Konami | Developer: Konami | 330 MB
Genre: Card Battle

The original (Spanish) version of the game was made by g3rM!K. This is an English BETA version and it has some errors.

I will try to fix that in the next update but for now DO NOT USE THE FALLOWING CARDS or the game will crash:
- Morphing Jar #2
- Exchange

If the game crashes, delete the ‘deck.ydc’ file and run the game.

Here are some other cards that you can’t add to your deck:
- Shinato’s Ark
- Synthesis Spell
- Mirror Wall
- Imperial Order

Sometimes the game crashes during the duel but that doesn’t happen to often. Everything else should work fine…

This game has 1109 cards in total (over 350 are added by me) including some anime only and fan-made cards. To unlock all cards open ‘All Cards – UNLOCKER’ folder and fallow the instructions in ‘All Cards INFO!!!!!!!.txt’ file. You can also use some of my Decks if you want. You can find them in ‘Here are some Decks’ folder. If you have any problems, watch this TUTORIAL:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ambulance Simulator (2012) PC Game Download

Year: 2012 | PC | English | Developer: | Publisher: Astragon Software GmbH | 536 MB
Genre: Simulation

Manage various tasks: Pick up patients and take them to their designated hospital or hurry in emergencies to the place of action. Discover a freely-accesible, open world in your ambulance or on foot. Even though you may be in a rush during an emergency mission, make always sure to keep the safety of other vehicles and pedestrians in mind. Depending on your mission, you may choose between several emergency vehicles: ambulance, patient transport ambulance or emergency ambulance. 
All vehicles have been recreated realistically with an eye for detail, including the technical features of their real-life models. Use flashing lights and sirens to draw the attention of other road users. You will need good organizational skills and keep a cool head if you want your mission to suceed. Interact with colleagues and patients and use your medical instruments as well as other items to treat various injuries and conditions.


Huge, freely-acessible world with KI-traffic and passers-by
Endless career-mode
Various vehicles with different places of action
Realistic driving physics
Varied missions
Support of gamepads, joysticks and steering wheels
Free play with realistic driving missions

System requirements

System: Windows: XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Intel or AMD up from 2.0 GHz
HD: 750 MB
DirectX: 9.0c oder höher
Periphery: Keyboard, Mouse
Video card: Geforce® ATI Radeon® (min. 128 MB VRAM)

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Angry Birds Seasons 2.3.0 (Final-Portable) PC Game Download (2012)

Year: 2012 | PC | English | Developer: Rovio Mobile | Publisher: Clickgamer Media Chillingo
Genre: Action, Puzzle

Get into the spirit of seasonal varieties of Angry Birds! Angry Birds Seasons features exciting episodes for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St.Patrick's Day, Easter,Summer, and the Chinese Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. These special episodes offer more challenging levels of pig-popping action and slightly harder golden eggs to discover!

System requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista/7
• 1 GHz
• 256 MB RAM