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Sunday, November 6, 2011

DC Universe Online Pc Game Download 2011

Year: 2011 | PC Game | English | Developer : Sony Online Entertainment | Publisher : Sony Online Entertainment Edition | 14.74 GB
Genre : MMORPG

DC Universe Online - brand new MMORPG from Sony, made ​​by order of the corporation DC. How is it different from other projects? First: there are no elves, dwarves and other members of the fantasy bestiary. Second: The action is not in the classic fantasy-world, and in the scenery of modern cities. Third: DC Universe Online - this is not the average Korean conveyor MMORPG,
but on the contrary - a multiplayer game with big sponsors and developers. And the most important difference - this project is about a super-hero comics DC. 

The game is notable for the very fact that there exist in fact, all the characters of childhood. But the truth is you can play for them only in PVP, all the rest of the time you pump your own, personal super-hero. However, while the project is present several disadvantages. For example, the ease of passage and a lot of bugs. But we do not doubt that gradually all these defects will disappear and the game ever be able to answer all your needs.

As soon as possible to note an interesting battle mechanics, which is located only three buttons: punch, and block the shot. Action Title is in many well-known to comic books and cartoons, cities such as, for example, Gotham City and Metropolis (History of Batman, Superman and the second case). Scenery perfectly stylized universe. In the game you will meet many familiar characters from our childhood. For example - the Joker, Batman himself, Superman, Harley Quinn, Flash, Green Lantern and more. Moreover, they can, conventionally, be your guides. But most importantly - in PvP mode you can take a look and liked the character to fight other players who also will play for the beloved characters.

1. Download the.
2. Unzip.
3. Register ->
4. Play

System requirements:
♦ Operating system: Windows XP \ Vista \ 7 
♦ Processor: Dual 2/4 + GHZ Core Processor 
♦ Memory: 2 GB 
♦ Video: NVIDIA 7800GTX + or ATI X1300 + 
♦ Hard disk: 30 GB






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