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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Battle vs Chess Free XBOX360 Game Free Download

Battle vs Chess  XBOX360-COMPLEX

Battle vs Chess XBOX360-COMPLEX
Release: 16.05.2011 | English | XBOX360 | Developer: TopWare Interactive | Publisher: SouthPeak Games | 7.8 Gb
Genre: Board

Developedby TopWare Interactive and Gaijin Entertainment, Battle Vs Chess aimsto bring the classic tabletop game into the modern age, without removingthe essential qualities that have made it popular for centuries.Familiar chess pieces are brought to life as richly detailed 3D models,with players seeing the spectacular results of their actions in theirquest for domination of the board.

The traditional white andblack armies have evolved into an army of light with their brave knightsin shining armor, pitted against the wicked dark army of demons andbeastly golems. Each piece is intricately animated and as players movethem around the board they spring into life, ready to wage war. If asquare is occupied by an enemy unit, they enter into a brutal clash thatsees the foe removed from the board in bloody combat.

Anotherevolutionary element Battle vs. Chess brings to the arena is theaddition of the optional Action Mode. If selected, instead of entering ascripted animation when attacking, players challenge their opponent in abeat-em-up style encounter. Using a variety of weapons, fightingtechniques and combos, players must best their opponent in a fast-pacedflurry of blows and special moves “adding a whole new meaning to thephrase checkmate.

Features :

* A Challenge forChess Players of all Levels: Uses the famous Fritz11! chess software,with 10 distinct levels of difficulty
* An Action Twist to aClassic Board Game: The innovative fusion of professional chess softwareand the deathmatch Action Mode? result in a strategic actionexperience unlike anything before
* Primed for MultiplayerCompetition: Engage friends and foes via local head-to-head matches oronline (select platforms only).
* Vibrant visuals and ExcitingFantasy Setting: Richly crafted army sets and six immersive gameboardenvironments to choose from with stunning HD visuals and particleeffects
* Cinematic Animated Sequences: adding another dimensionto the gameplay, the cinematics will pull players into the action of thegame



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